Department of Modern Languages Awards 2022

Jacob Camden

Brownell Prize for Best Student

Nicholas Hayes

Outstanding Undergraduate in German
Shelby Nichols-Vaughn

Shelby Nichols-Vaugh

Prix d’excellence en français


Excellence in 1st Year Chinese
Oliver Breyer
Tyler Findley

Excellence in 2nd Year Chinese
Brandon Lee
Alex Holmquist

Excellence in 3rd Year Chinese
Turner Koch
Thomas Blackwell
Walter Dyal

Excellence in 4th Year Chinese
Abi Brewer

Excellence in Organization, Leadership and Commitment
Abi Brewer
Annabelle Brewer
Lydia Cook
Blake Flagg
Quinn Lee
Tyler Findley


Outstanding Student in Latin
Claire Brewer

Outstanding Student in Greek
Christopher Harden

Outstanding Club Leader
Christopher Harden

Outstanding Student in Beginning Greek
Amy Bush

Outstanding Student in Beginning Latin
Meredit Ingels


Best French Student Overall
Bouguio Bouguio

James Lamar McCann Award for Excellence in French
Jack Maurer
Abbie Giunta

Prix d’excellence en français
Shelby Nichols-Vaughn

Outstanding French Major
Aine Buchau

Outstanding French Minor
Jayna Enguita
Sydney Hazelrigg
Isabel Burwitz

Outstanding Freshman in French
Julia Ray
Jenna Ray

Outstanding Service in French
Mark Matthews
Destiney Amos

Outstanding Research in French

Special Recognition – New PhD Student
Djimeli Simplice

Special Recognition – New MA candidate
Adamu Abubakar


Best German Student Overall
Kristina Schauhoff

Excellence First-Year German
Wellesley Snyder

Excellence Second-Year German
JP Sollohub

Excellence Third-Year German
Gavin Jones

Excellence Fourth-Year German
Aidan Winiewicz

Most Progress Made in German
Tristan Byers

Outstanding Service Award in German
Janona Pirlepesova

Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Nicholas Hayes

Outstanding Graduate Student
Kristina Schauhoff

Fulbright English Teach Assistantship Award for Germany 2021/2022
Natasha Stevanovich
Chad Hankins
Katherine Lightfoot
Ian Samlowski
Lindsey Drost
Michael Fisher

Federation of German American Clubs Scholarship for Study in Germany 2021/2022
Reagan McKeown
Richard Tucker

Dr. Donald E. Hall Scholarship for Study in Germany
Nicholas Hayes
Reagan McKeown
Richard Tucker

Bell Endowed Scholarship for Study in Germany
Sarah Homoky

Bell Endowed Scholarship for the Intensive Study of German
Katherine Lightfoot
Warren Smith

Melanie Sontheimer Scholarship for the Intensive Study of German
Oluwakemisola Adeusi
Gift Iyoku


Excellence in First-Year Italian
Lauren Agnello, Merritt Ruffner

Excellence in Second-Year Italian
Aric Mitchell

Excellence in Third-Year Italian
Madeline Pickens

Outstanding Italian Major
Julie Sommer

Outstanding Italian Minor
Samantha LiPuma

Best Italian Project
William Sweatt

Greatest Progress in Italian
Thomas Mozingo

Outstanding Service
Riley VanMeter


Strong Scholarship
Cienna Lemmon
Katie Jewell

ACTR Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award
Megan Carneal


Best Student at the 100 Level
Eleonora Newell
Lauryn Emrick

Best Student at the 200 Level
Cameron Dawson

Best Student at the 300 Level
Maxwell Frampton
Riley Doyle

Best Student at 400 Level
Sydney Humphrey

Best Essay at 400 Level
Sam Hallam

Brownell Prize for Best Student
Jacob Camden
Marie Moore

Outstanding Graduate Student at the MA level
Ronny Azuaje

Outstanding Graduate Student at the PhD level
Gerardo Ruz

Outstanding Research by a Graduate Student
Sarah Valentín Sánchez

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student
Kaitlin Barrios

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student
Elena Guerra