Jasmine Foster, Gender and Race Studies Award

Major: African-American studies

Minor: History

Hometown: Sylacauga, Alabama

Favorite Experience at UA: I believe my favorite overall experience has been researching the twelve years of Reconstruction and how it affected the post-Civil War South. Reconstruction has broadened my eyes to numerous social inequality issues that, unfortunately, led to the systematic oppression of African Americans and other marginalized communities. I realized that these inequalities and being enslaved had caused numerous psychological issues that were not discussed frequently. Mental health is essential to me. When considering the strife that people endure, it would be a disservice not to educate others on Reconstruction’s aftermath.

Favorite Class: My favorite course is a course that I am currently taking. It is titled “Black Lives Kinda Matter,” taught by Dr. Carlton McHargh. Dr. McHargh allows everyone to share his/her opinion about ongoing topics in a respectful manner. There is not a dull moment in this class; this class is engaging, and it is hard to remain quiet when discussing matters near one’s heart. My favorite part about this class would be discussing historical attributes and current events of African Americans. We discussed the African American community’s issues and how they can improve, and I think that is enlightening.

Future Plans: My plans after graduating are to go to graduate school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling.