Ben Borja, Dean’s Award of Merit

Majors: International studies (concentration on East Asia) and Political Science

Minors: Mandarin Chinese and leadership communication

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Best experience at UA: My greatest success on campus was getting involved in Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault. It really helped me make a difference on campus that will persist after I leave UA.

Favorite Class: My favorite course I took on campus was PSC 421 Global Politics of Expertise taught by Dr. Elif Kalaycioglu. Dr. Kalaycioglu was not only knowledgeable about the subject material but also valued the opinions of her students and facilitated great discussion. Despite the virtual requirement of many classes due to the global pandemic, Dr. Kalaycioglu made class engaging and enlightening.

Future Plans: I plan on staying at UA for the fall semester and go on Semester at Sea during the spring.