Lindsay Callender, Campbell-Portera Scholarship

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies (concentration in sociology with a community service track)

Minor: Civic engagement and leadership

Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas

Favorite Experience at UA: I have actively sought out classes that I know interact with our local community. Through those classes, I have connected with a women and children’s shelter that helps to rehabilitate abused and neglected individuals back into society. I have also studied the food deserts that exist throughout the black belt of Alabama and collaboratively created a system that has the potential to connect the University and those communities with fresh fruit and veggies. I am also a part of a statewide group called the Alabama Students Against Prisons. We are actively studying prison reform, as well has coordinating events and panels in which we can discuss ways to better correctional facilities in our society. I am currently studying the inequities in quality of education and the different ways that education is administered in the United States. I have assessed different strategies that could be implemented in Alabama school districts in order to balance the scales of education throughout the blackbelt of Alabama.

Favorite Class: My favorite class was WS 200. It pushed me to dive into the different stereotypes as well as status quotes that exist in our society and opened my eyes to the incredible inequality that exists in our society. My favorite Professor is Dr. Cassandra Simon. She pushed me to dive into the idea of race and face some hard realities, while also supporting our opinions and beliefs. She was extremely flexible and understanding and genuinely cared about the students in her class.

Future Plans: I hope to attend law school then work for Non-Profit organizations. My dream job would be to work for the Equal Justice Initiative, and similar organizations to get people off of Death Row.