Logan Goulart, Dean’s Award of Merit

This student is also the recipient of The Charles Grayson Summersell Memorial Scholarship for Most Distinguished Undergraduate History Student

Majors: Interdisciplinary studies (concentration in human rights and social change) and history

Minor: Blount Scholars Program

Hometown: Enterprise, Alabama

Favorite Experience at UA: My favorite overall experience was my involvement in the Million Dollar Band. As an MDB member, I got to travel the nation and perform live for hundreds of thousands of people! It was a joy to create music with such a talented group.

Favorite Class: My favorite class was BUI 401: Worldviews, the senior capstone course for the Blount Scholars Program. In Worldviews, we were introduced to the works of many different authors, such as Thomas Kuhn, Louis Althusser, Gloria Anzaldúa, and Raymond Williams. Additionally, each of us created a final project. I wrote a science fiction short story titled “Bluejay.” It is set in the far future, and it attends to issues of colonization, transhumanism, and time.

Future Plans: I hope to attend graduate school to earn a Ph.D. in modern European history.