Aidan Winiewicz, George Griffin Brownell Sr. Award

Majors: Bachelor of Science and Accelerated Master’s Program in mathematics (concentration in applied mathematics), Bachelor of Arts in French

Minors: Spanish, German, and Latin

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Favorite Experience at UA: My favorite experience on campus has to be my time spent volunteering at Global Cafe. I loved teaching English to international students and their families, and the connections I made as part of that program have endured even after those students have returned to their home countries. Often, I found that I could learn more about my own language as I was teaching it to others, and doing so inspired me to want to teach languages sometime in the near future.

Favorite Course: My favorite class was definitely a graduate-level course in French (FR535) called Bande Dessinée, which studied comic books and their authors across the French-speaking world. In doing so, we were not only able to study the political and historical implications of these comic books, but we were also able to create our own comic books that were fully illustrated and entirely in French. I still remember proudly presenting my painstakingly crafted work to my class at the end of the semester.

Future Plans: I plan to finish my master’s in Math and applying for a Fulbright or to the TAPIF program (France)