Alexa DeRegnaucourt, Outstanding Student Research Award

Major: Chemistry (concentration in biochemistry)

Hometown: Springboro, Ohio

Favorite Experience at UA:  My favorite overall experience on campus was participating in research. My journey began in the Emerging Scholars Program my freshman year at UA. The program accelerated my participation in research and made it easy to connect with potential mentors. I met with Dr. Elizabeth Papish and became a member of the Papish Research Group, and I have been working here since my freshman year. My research interests lie in green chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, and photodynamic therapy. Doing research alongside my classes showed me real-life applications of what I was learning in lectures. It taught me the importance of the scientific method, working with a team, and carrying out long projects from start to finish. Research has also opened up additional opportunities. I have been able to present at various conferences such as UA’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Conference (URCA) and the Southeastern Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC). I am also a co-author of a research article in a peer-reviewed journal.

Favorite Class:  I have enjoyed all of my professors at UA. Dr. Diana Leung was one of my favorites. I was in her organic chemistry class (CH 232). Even though organic chemistry material is hard, Dr. Leung gave students study methods that made it easier to learn. I still use some of these methods today in other classes! Dr. Leung was great at answering questions and providing additional help to students. During lectures, she was engaging and reviewed necessary concepts that were important to new material. Dr. Leung is terrific at teaching students and preparing them for other courses.

Future Plans: I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in the spring of 2021. After, I plan on attending medical school.