Alexandra McDonough, Norman R. Ellis Endowed Scholarship

Majors: Psychology (concentration in the psychology honors program) and criminal justice

Hometown: Enterprise, Alabama

Favorite Experience at UA: Over my four years at The University of Alabama, I’ve done a lot. My freshman and sophomore years, I was in multiple Psychology research labs. This was my first hands-on experience with research, which led me to apply to the Psychology Honors Program, which I would consider my greatest success during my undergraduate years. It has allowed me to work with a psychology professor to conduct research that matched my personal interests outside of an already existing lab on campus. I am currently conducting research on psychopathic traits and legal decision-making via the plea-bargaining process with Dr. Jennifer Cox and graduate student Elizabeth MacNeil. I am also a member of Sigma Delta Tau. We pride ourselves on empowering all women, standing up against anti-Semitism, and working with our philanthropies, Jewish Women International and Prevent Child Abuse America.

Favorite Class: I enjoy corrections and gender-focused criminal justice classes. One of my favorite professors is Ms. Lauren Yearout and I’ve had three classes with her (Drugs, Policy, and Crime; Society Inequality in the Criminal Justice System; Gender and Crime). I love her classes because she has no problem telling it how it is. There is a deep history of injustice in the American criminal justice system, and sometimes that is uncomfortable to talk about. She always keeps an open dialogue and welcomes all opinions.

Future Plans: I was recently accepted into Palo Alto University’s Clinical Psychology PhD program, which I will be attending starting Fall 2021. I’ve lived in Alabama for the past 12 years, so I’m excited to live somewhere new!