Allison Bothwell, Louise Bryant Tate Memorial

Major: American Studies

Minors: Anthropology and women’s studies

Hometown: Dauphin Island, Alabama

Favorite Experience at UA: Being a part of the American Studies Department at UA, I have been pushed by my professors to aim for success in all I do. Through countless papers and projects, I have covered many topics that not only interested me but also have helped me grow as an intellectual. That being said, I would say my greatest success on campus over the past four years has simply been how much I have grown as both a student and individual. Over the past four years, I have changed in many ways and have become a person I am very proud to be. Like everyone else, I have moments of doubt, but I try to step back and remember all of the long nights and stressful weeks I have gotten to get to get to where I am now. My work within the American Studies, Anthropology, and Women’s Studies Departments has allowed me to focus on my personal interests while pushing me to look at history and culture through a different lens. With the help of some of the most amazing professors, I have been able to complete work that I am proud of on topics I am passionate about. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and cannot wait to see what I will continue to do as I begin working on my M.A. in the Fall.

Favorite Class: In my Sophomore year, I stumbled upon American Studies 203, Introduction to Southern Studies while I was preparing for Spring course registration. This was the very first time I had heard of American Studies and thought I would give the course a try. Prior to this class, I knew I was interested in studying the history of the American South but I did not realize how interested I actually was until I took this course with Dr. Carey. Throughout the semester, we discussed readings that truly interested me and made me realize that I might want to look into becoming an American Studies major. Since that semester, I have continued to take American Studies courses that both interest and challenge me. As a member of the American Studies Department, I feel more connected with my education now more than ever. I also feel more valued as an individual within the department because the professors genuinely care about their students. Though I have truly enjoyed every single AMS class I have taken, I would have to say, Dr. Carey, Dr. Morgan, and Dr. Weisbard have particularly inspired me as a student. Not only are they amazing professors who are passionate about what they teach, but they are also genuinely caring people who want their students to succeed. They have helped me both in and outside of the classroom and have always been there to answer any questions I might have. Without them and their courses, I would not have learned about some of the most interesting topics I have come across as an undergrad and I would not have written essays that I not only enjoyed writing but am also proud of.

Future Plans: After I graduate in May, I will be staying in Tuscaloosa to pursue my M.A. in American Studies here at The University of Alabama.