Allison Millwee, Edmond Williams Award

Major: Theatre (concentration in stage management)

Minor: History

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite Experience at UA: My favorite experience on campus has been being a stage manager for the Department of Theatre and Dance. Through the department I have been given a safe space to learn and grow. Working on multiple departmental productions has been instrumental in making me who I am today. I have had so many incredible experiences over the last four years, and I have grown so much as a stage manager. The department has constantly provided me with opportunities to strengthen and build my skills, and I am incredibly grateful to work with such amazing and dedicated faculty and students. Through working with UA Theatre and Dance, I also had the opportunity to publish a case study based on my experiences as a stage manager. Research and publication are things I had never really associated with the arts, but having this case study come out in June as part of Routledge’s Undergraduate Research in Theatre has shown me how diverse of a career theatre can be. Being a stage manager at UA has given me more joy and opportunities than I could have ever dreamed.

Favorite Class: My favorite professor is Matthew Davis. As Assistant Professor and Head of Directing and Stage Management, I have had the opportunity to work with him both in classes and on productions. Professor Davis cares deeply for his students and has been instrumental in helping me grow into a confident stage manager. As a professor he is willing to take the time to work independently with students to make sure they understand the material and feel confident in their mastery of it. As a director he is always open to listening to the rest of the team to make sure everyone is comfortable through the process of creating a show. As the Head of Stage Management he is a wonderful mentor, working with the stage management teams to problem-solve or offer advice. I would not be the person I am today without Professor Davis. His guidance and leadership have been invaluable in helping me grow, both as a student and as an individual.

Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to intern for a theatre company. As theatre (and the arts industry as a whole) returns to a new normal, I hope to be a part of laying the foundation that allows the performing arts to flourish like never before.