Brea James, Mable Sanders Amos Scholarship

Majors: Political science on the pre-law track and in the Accelerated Master’s program, and criminal justice

Minor: African-American studies

Hometown: Fort Mitchell, Alabama

Favorite Experience at UA: My greatest success on campus is turning my 3.5 GPA into a 4.0. I have worked extremely hard these past four years to reach my goal of obtaining President’s List. After countless nights in Gorgas Library, and dedication to my studies I finally achieved my goal of reaching a perfect GPA. This is such a significant achievement to me because I always feel the need to challenge myself by breaking barriers. My favorite overall experience is joining Bama Tutors for Service. This organization allowed me to tutor children in reading and literature, while building bonds with minority students. This has been such a rewarding experience that allowed me to be a leader on campus and in the community. I am thankful for the relationships and friendships I have been able to build through this amazing organization.

Favorite Class: My favorite class at the capstone has been Dr.Greg Austin’s Social Inequality course. I took this class as an African American Studies elective and enjoyed every second of it. I loved how discussion-based the course was and the freedom Dr. Austin gave us to voice our opinions. Not only was Dr. Austin respectful of our views and diverse experiences, but he also taught in a way that allowed us to engage in the content and apply it to everyday life. Dr. Austin is my favorite professor at The University of Alabama because he is intelligent, understanding, and hardworking. Dr. Austin ensures that every student is represented in our class discussions and encourages conversations by allowing us to apply our experiences to class material. I love the learning environment Dr. Austin creates for his students to ensure that we get the best experience out of the course.

Future Plans: I am currently an accelerated masters program student pursing my masters in Public Administration. Upon receiving my MPA degree I plan to continue my education by seeking my law degree. My long-term goal is to become a civil rights attorney, so that I am able to be a voice to the unheard and a leader in my community.