Breauna Ousley, Gender and Race Studies Award

Major: African American Studies

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: Olathe, Kansas

Favorite Experience at UA: My favorite experience while attending the University of Alabama would be being apart of the equestrian team. I have always enjoyed riding horses and it was an amazing time to meet like-minded individuals and compete. I would also add that competing and winning my classes would have to be a great success of mine because not only am I representing the University, I also had the privilege to compete with a supportive and energized team.

Favorite Class: By far one of my favorite classes would have had to be 19th Century Black History, taught by Dr. Holly Pinheiro, Jr. The reason I enjoyed the class as much as I did was that the professor spent a significant amount time teaching about women’s experience throughout black history. Not only was the class engaging, but Dr. Pinherio was also excited and taught his subject in a way that his lectures felt more like stories, as well as he created space for discussion between students and the professor.

Future Plans: I would like to keep my options for now, but I do plan on working in Human Resources.