Emily Bookmiller | Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Studio Art

Other Awards: Carolyn Haddon “Julie” Matthews Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Myra and Jim Morgan Endowed Scholarship, Blount Graduate

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Favorite Experience: My favorite overall experience has been being able to explore topics I am interested in within my academics. As a part of the Blount Scholars program, I was able to take classes that were aligned with my own personal interests. In my final class for the program, I was able to do my Worldviews project exploring the role of houseplants on people’s mental health and well-being during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Working in horticulture for 4+ years, I was able to incorporate my own personal experience and perspective. This current semester, I have been creating my works for my BFA Thesis show which explores the negative effects of altered plants evokes a call to action by the viewer through abstract painting. Overall, my experience in both programs has led me to become a more developed artist while allowing me to include my passions outside of the classroom. My time at the university has allowed these interests to become more integrated with one another.

Favorite Class: My favorite class has been BUI 401 Worldviews with Dr. Toni Copeland. This class was a perfect way to finish out the Blount Scholars Program. It gives one the structure of exploring different readings within the topic of worldviews while also allowing one the time to develop their own worldview in a project of their choice in almost any format. In this class, I was able to connect with my classmates, discuss our projects throughout the course of the semester and bounce ideas off one another. Dr. Copeland was an amazing professor to have for this class. She was determined to help her students succeed and was apt at connecting our readings with our own projects. Worldviews is one of those classes that will never fade from my memory after I graduate, and truly makes me feel honored to be able to experience the Blount Scholars Program.

Future Plans: After graduation, I hope to be honored with the experience of being in residency for my paintings or working in an art gallery. I am set on building my own artistic practice and further developing my own body of work as well as helping artists display their own work in a gallery or museum.