Jackson Kerchis, The Dean Neal Berte Endowed Scholarship

Majors: Interdisciplinary studies (concentration on happiness studies) and economics

Hometown: Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Favorite Experience at UA: My greatest success was deciding to follow my two best friends to UA and spending three more wonderful years with them while also building new friendships. My favorite experience was ignoring the “traditional path” I was pushed towards and instead following the path I was pulled towards — studying the question(s) of happiness.

Favorite Class: My favorite class was Zen Meditation, Experimental Art, and Time (NEW490) with Hank Lazer. Because the course was a practicum in perceiving the world in a new way. Rob Alley and Quoc Hoang are my favorite professors. They prioritize their students above all else and bring a novel, experiential approach to learning.

Future Plans: Six months of vagabonding and living as a Zen monk then full-time as a manager with McMaster-Carr.