Jay Lane, BB Comer Math Prize

Major: Accelerated Master’s Program in mathematics (concentration in pure mathematics)

Minor: Computer science

Hometown: Navarre, Florida

Favorite Experience at UA: I would consider my greatest success on campus to be how I balanced a heavy academic load with several graduate courses over the past four years while training six days a week as a rower on Alabama Crew Club. My favorite overall experience was all the collaboration with grad students as we studied for some of the difficult courses we were taking together.

Favorite Class: My favorite class was Math 566, Intro Algebraic Topology. It was among the more challenging courses I have taken, and I enjoyed how it combined concrete geometric thinking with more abstract algebraic concepts. My favorite professor was Martin Evans. All of his classes were among the most interesting that I took and it was clear from his lectures, office hours, and asking questions after class that he truly does care about his students’ understanding of the material.

Future Plans: I will be starting study for my PhD in Pure Mathematics next fall.