Kate Salsky, Outstanding Graduating Senior

Major: Geological Sciences

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite Experience at UA: My greatest success on campus was finding the “secret spot” near the campus Dunkin Donuts hidden from the predatory lurches of the UA transportation services staff and free of any parking zone restrictions. Coffee (especially dining-dollars funded coffee) is an invaluable resource during your college years and stumbling upon this elusive spot has proved exceedingly beneficial for both my grades and work ethic. Maybe I’ll auction off the geographic coordinates of this prime location to the highest bidder once I graduate!

Favorite Class: My favorite class ever taken during my time at the Capstone is undoubtedly Soil & Groundwater Restoration (GEO 410) taught by Dr. Geoff Tick. This course grabbed my interest in a way no previous course had; I was fascinated by the subject matter and I legitimately saw this as a cause/industry I wanted to pursue post-university. Dr. Tick’s passion on the subject matter, yet innate ability to twist information into digestible, straightforward chunks also made this class such a joy to attend. The final remediation plan-based project, although tough, was an extremely valuable learning experience into what working at an environmental consulting or remediation company may look like in my future!

Future Plans: I hope to pursue a career in environmental consulting or site remediation upon returning to Houston post-graduation!