Kathleen Kelley | Dean Neal Berte Endowed Scholarship

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Greatest Success on Campus: I think my greatest success on campus is my work with the Marr’s Field Journal, a literary journal that showcases the artistry of undergraduate students at UA. I’ve been on staff since my freshman year, became managing editor my sophomore year, and am now the Editor-in-Chief. I’m very proud that in my time as editor so far, I’ve been able to expand our staff roster, increase our submission numbers to exceed even our pre-COVID numbers, and make progress towards returning the journal to print in the near future. I find great joy and fulfillment in working with my staff to create the best showcase of undergraduate visual and literary artwork that we can, and I look forward to seeing what we accomplish next.

Favorite Professor: While I’ve had many amazing professors and instructors, including Amy Pirkle, Jillian Sico, Merinda Simmons, and many more, when asked who my favorite professor has been I must give a rather unconventional answer: my research mentor, Isabella Garrison. Isabella Garrison is a passionate historical practitioner and has been since she was an only undergrad bursting into Dr. Giggie’s office and demanding he supervise her research. Now, as a graduate student, Isabella Garrison has been instrumental in creating the Summersell Scholars Program and making space for the study of hidden histories at UA. Personally, I’m so grateful to her for supporting my interdisciplinary interest in using art as a method of communicating historical knowledge, and I am endlessly inspired by her determination to see her vision of a deeply inclusive historical curriculum realized.

Future Plans: In the future, I hope to work as an arts administrator to foster and showcase art which advocates for positive social change. I am considering grad school; there are a plethora of programs that I am interested in, especially those in Exhibition Design, Social Practice Art, and Craft Studies. While I’m not fully settled on my future plans, I know that whatever I do I’ll be working towards bettering our world and helping others through art.