Kendall Lloyd, C. Earle Smith Award for Excellence

Major: Anthropology

Minors: French and general business

Hometown: Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Favorite Experience at UA: I would say that my greatest success on campus would be my dedication to gaining as much as I can from every course. I truly love acquiring new knowledge and have been lucky enough to take a wide range of classes at the university. By developing relationships with my professors and participating as much as I can, I feel like I‚’ve really evolved in the last four years. I’ve been with Arts ‘n Autism since August for work-study and it has been my favorite experience at UA. Arts ‘n Autism runs an after-school program that includes classes like Art, Dance, Music, and Karate. Every day is exciting, and the children are incredible. Seeing them progress in their social skills and bond with other kids is so impactful. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in the university bubble, but working with kids from the community has made me feel far more connected to Tuscaloosa.

Favorite Class: My favorite class at UA was ANT 439, Primate Religion & Human Consciousness. It was a small discussion class, comprised of 4-5 undergraduate students and 2 graduate students. The course content expanded my perspective on so many topics surrounding the human experience and the complexities of consciousness. I have loved all my upper-level Anthropology courses, as my professors facilitate open, honest discussion and touch on taboo topics in a way that everyone feels comfortable talking about. ANT 439 was taught by Dr. Lynn, my favorite professor and my advisor. Dr. Lynn has been a very influential mentor figure during my time at UA. His passion for Anthropology and his students’ success is clear in his teaching methods. He encourages his students to be thorough in their research and to question why things are the way they are. I have gained so much wisdom and perspective from his classes and advising.

Future Plans: Traveling has always been my greatest passion, and I always planned on seeing the world after I graduated from college. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put some of my plans on hold. I’ve considered attending graduate school in place of this, but after some consideration, I’ve decided to take a break from school and explore other options. I don’t want graduate school to be my next step only because my original plans were derailed. I want to truly be passionate and ready to take on more studies should I decide to get another degree. In the meantime, I plan on finding a job and seeing as much of the United States as I can until COVID restrictions are lifted.