Mackenzi Barrett, Iredell Jenkins Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Majors: Philosophy (concentration in jurisprudence) and Accelerated Master’s Program in economics

Minors: Randall Research Scholars Program and mathematics

Hometown: Madison, Georgia

Favorite Experience at UA: My greatest success on campus has been serving as President of the Legal Research Club this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed continuing the legacy of my predecessors while also creating my own legacy. My favorite overall experience has been serving as a group exercise instructor at UREC. Teaching group exercise classes is an extremely challenging yet rewarding experience.

Favorite Class: My favorite class has been EC 410 Law and Economics. It was through this class that I discovered my passion for Law and Economics, and I now intend to pursue a career in this field. It’s hard to pick a favorite professor as I’ve had many wonderful professors, but if I have to choose, it would be my EC 410 professor Will Walsh. Not only did I learn a lot in that class, but he went, and continues to, above and beyond to help me figure out how to achieve my goals.

Future Plans: I intend to enroll in a J.D./Ph.D. in Economics program.