Paige Risley | Outstanding Senior in English

Other Awards: Sigma Tau Delta inductee

Hometown: Freehold, New Jersey

Favorite Experience: My favorite overall experience at The University of Alabama comes from my time serving as the Vice President of Education for UA Greek Ambassadors. This position taught me a lot about what it means to be a great leader, and has also helped me connect to campus faculty, fellow undergraduates, and prospective students. Working as an official ambassador for UA’s Greek Community helped me realize how much I enjoy serving others and influencing prospective student’s in choosing to attend UA has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I’ve experienced on campus.

Favorite Class: Out of all of the amazing instructors at UA, my favorite professor has been Dr. Lauren Cardon. Dr. Cardon has not only been a fantastic instructor in each of her classes but has also helped to push me to succeed both personally and professionally. The first course I took of Dr. Cardon’s was during the COVID pandemic, and she has been incredibly helpful in being accessible to her students despite any barriers that may potentially arise from remote learning. This semester, I am working with Dr. Cardon on my honors undergraduate thesis and having the opportunity to learn from her has been an eye-opening, unique, and incredibly positive experience. I always thought it was rare to find a professor that takes the extra step for her students; however, I am so pleased to have had the privilege for Dr. Cardon to prove that idea wrong.

Future Plans: After graduating in May, I plan on attending law school to work towards my JD degree. I am so excited to take everything I have learned as an undergraduate at The University of Alabama and apply it to this next stage of my academic and professional career!