Rachel Ploegner, Martin and Marie ten Hoor Prize

Majors: Bachelor of Arts in philosophy (concentration in jurisprudence) and Bachelor of Science in physics (concentration in astrophysics)

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Monroe, Ohio

Favorite Experience at UA: My favorite experiences at UA have been those related to teaching. Since my first semester on campus, I have worked as a math tutor at the MTLC. During my sophomore year, I also started working as a TA for the deductive logic classes offered by the philosophy department.

Favorite Class: I have enjoyed nearly all of the classes I have taken so far, especially my philosophy classes. If I had to choose a favorite, I would say the Seminar on Law (PHL 440) that I took as a sophomore. The course focused on theories of punishment, which concern the questions of whether, how, and when punishment is justified. I was fascinated by the content of the course, but it was important to me more because it was my first exposure to rigorous, specialized philosophy. The fact that I could do philosophy at that level, do it well, and enjoy doing it made me feel more confident that I could have a career in philosophy.

Future Plans: After I graduate, I plan to get my PhD in philosophy.