Riley James Nold | Outstanding First Year Physics Student

Other Awards: E. Scott Barr Scholarship

Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Favorite Experience: One of my favorite experiences on campus has been getting involved with UA’s chapter of the society of physics students. On top of connecting me with a great group of friends and research opportunities, I’ve loved helping cohead the peer-tutoring section of the organization. Overall, the program has really helped me feel at home in Tuscaloosa and provided me with many great opportunities.

Favorite Class: One of my favorite courses so far at UA has been GN 265: German literature in Translation II. I am a big believer in being a well-rounded student. On top of my love for the hard sciences, I have always had a soft spot for good writing. GN 265 is a fresh change of pace from the rest of my week. I have enjoyed reading new stories that I had never seen in high school. Having studied German in high school, the class was a unique connection to the culture in a way I had never experienced before. Dr. Fox’s outline of the class made German literature accessible to all ranges of students, and I was always happy for the excuse to read more during the week.

Future Plans: After completing my undergraduate degrees, I hope to attend graduate school for physics, with the eventual goal of teaching in some capacity.