Saharah Allen, Chairperson’s Award of Merit

Majors: Criminal justice and interdisciplinary studies (concentration in American Sign Language and Deaf culture)

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: Flomaton, Alabama

Favorite Experience at UA: One of my favorite experiences I have had on campus is a class I took during the 2019 winter interim period. It was a class on deaf culture and it included a trip to Austin, TX. I also greatly enjoy being a part of the New college counsel and enjoyed my time being an ambassador. I love being able to introduce students and parents to New College. As a whole, New College has also my greatest success at UA. I was able to successfully create and execute a depth study on a topic that I love.

Favorite Class: I have had the opportunity to meet some outstanding professors, which makes it impossible to choose just one as my favorite. The professors who have left the greatest impact on me, are Dr. Joshua Wakeham and Dr. Ariane Prohaska from the CJ department, Dr. Natalie Adams and Dr. John Miller within New college, and Dr. Darrin Griffin in CIS. While each has their own specific way they have influenced my life, together they share their love for learning and genuine care and concern for students.

Future Plans: I will be attending Cumberland School of Law, in Birmingham, AL, in the fall.