Thomas Cope, Outstanding Junior Chemistry Major Award

Major: Chemistry

Minor: French and Randall Research Scholars Program

Hometown: Greenville, North Carolina

Favorite Experience at UA: My favorite overall experience on campus has been conducting organic chemistry research with Dr. Timothy Snowden, during which I have learned a great deal about laboratory technique, literary research, experimental design, and practical troubleshooting.

Favorite Class: FR421 Pronunciation and Phonetics has been the most enjoyable course I have taken so far, allowing me to greatly expand upon the verbal French knowledge I gained from the UA in France Study Abroad program with in-depth insights into French grammar and pronunciation. My favorite professor is Dr. Timothy Snowden, with whom I’ve taken an organic chemistry course and conducted undergraduate research. His teaching style ensures that success in the course can only be achieved with a complex understanding of some of the intricacies of elementary organic chemistry, and while challenging, the knowledge and tools I gained from that experience have been invaluable. His practical experience and willingness to help his students make him a professor I admire, and as my research mentor, he has helped solidify my desire to become a research chemist.

Future Plans: I plan on attending graduate school to pursue a Ph. D. in Chemistry and eventually would like to engage in industry research with medical applications, particularly in furthering synthetic methodology and drug development.