Victoria Yeager | Psi Chi Inductee

Favorite Experience: My favorite experience since being at the university has been the incredible leadership opportunities that the College of Arts and Sciences has provided me. Specifically, my leadership as the Philanthropy Coordinator for Alpha Psi Omega and acting as an Ambassador for the college, I now have a better understanding of how to be a servant leader with my peers. Alpha Psi Omega, the theatre honor society through the Department of Theatre and Dance, proudly supports Five Horizons Health Services as our chapter’s philanthropy. Five Horizons is a health service in Tuscaloosa that provides HIV/AIDS prevention courses, testing, and supportive services. Through my leadership, I have educated our members on the importance of advocating for better education on the topic of HIV/AIDS. Serving as the Philanthropy Coordinator for Alpha Psi Omega has been the greatest example of how my passion for theatre and service intersects with campus life and the Tuscaloosa community. Since Alpha Psi Omega is a theatre organization, I have been able to find artistic outlets for advocacy. Every year, Alpha Psi Omega produces a fully student-run show called Greater Giving. Greater Giving is a one-night-only benefit concert where members propose acts in the fall semester to perform. As the Executive Director, I led the planning, organization, and execution of this fully produced show. I was tasked with interviewing staff members at Five Horizons, managing auditions and showings, and relaying information to faculty members. My passion for creative storytelling came to fruition with this event. I believe the best way to use our talents is for service. I was able to cultivate a safe environment for members to create show numbers all while contributing the proceeds to Five Horizons. The $2,628 raised just from this event will further their mission of providing “high-quality, patient-centered, prevention, testing, and case management services” of HIV and AIDS to marginalized populations in Tuscaloosa. Lastly, working as an Ambassador for the college has allowed me the opportunity to create intersectional relationships with other students who have different majors than me. I have learned an abundance of information from others that has made me a well-rounded individual. One of my favorite memories of being an Ambassador was volunteering on the College of Arts and Sciences sponsored day of service called Embrace Tuscaloosa. On this day, I was assigned to work at Jeremiah’s Community Garden in Tuscaloosa. This garden was set up to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to food banks in Tuscaloosa. Creating connections with the volunteers gave me a better understanding of the Tuscaloosa community which has been invaluable to my development as a student. This opportunity was an experience that I will never forget, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the College of Arts and Sciences.

Favorite Professor: My favorite professor at The University of Alabama has been Professor Stacy Alley, the head of Musical Theatre in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Professor Alley has been a source of support and inspiration as a student since my first day on campus. On audition day for the program, I witnessed the warm and safe environment that was provided by the University and by Professor Alley. She cares deeply about each individual student and pushes us to reach new heights in our academic successes. From helping us navigate school, to leading us to graduation, without her guidance, I would not be as prepared to graduate next year. Professor Alley works with us as individuals and allows us the opportunity to bring ourselves to the work. She celebrates our uniqueness and helps our dreams come to fruition. The theatre business is forever changing and evolving which makes it crucial for theatre students to be at the top of their game while in school. Professor Alley goes above and beyond to give her students the resources to create a fortified theatre career. Not only do we receive excellent acting, singing, and dancing training, but we have masterclasses on how to upkeep our mental and physical health. She has brought in professionals that are active casting directors, psychologists, and actors who are on Broadway. Professor Alley’s connections in the theatre business are invaluable as a student. These opportunities are vital to my training and I know I will be able to utilize these resources as a professional. I am forever grateful for Professor Alley and her mentorship. She is a perfect example of what it means to be an outstanding professor here at The University of Alabama.

Future Plans: After graduation I plan to start my professional career as a performing artist in the theatre business.