Charles Thomas, Distinguished Scholar

Major: Biology on the pre-medical track

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Madison, Mississippi

My greatest experience on campus: My favorite experience on campus has been my research. I was extremely lucky to connect with a supportive and helpful research mentor very early on in college. Dr. Vincent took me under his wing and allowed me to have as much responsibility and work as I wanted throughout my time in his lab. I was able to learn from graduate students and professors who knew more than me, to present my research at a scientific conference and to publish my work in a scientific journal.

Favorite Class: My favorite class was Spanish for Healthcare. In this class, I was able to work at a local clinic as a translator for patients who speak primarily Spanish. There are not enough Spanish speaking physicians in America to support the ever growing population of Spanish speakers, and this presents unique challenges unfortunately felt by patients who are marginalized in many other segments of society as well. I hope to one day become a Spanish speaking physician to contribute to the solution to this.

Future Plans: Attending medical school.