Haley Kubilus | Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar

Major: History with a concentration in Public History 

Minor: Art History and Italian 

Hometown: Gilbert, South Carolina

Greatest Success on Campus: I consider one of my greatest successes on campus to be when I completed my Hy 430 research class. In this class, which is required for all history students at UA, you spend the semester choosing a topic, developing a thesis, and writing a 20-page original research paper. This is a widely feared undertaking for most history students, and while it was challenging, it was awesome to see the hours of my research and writing produce a final paper that I was really proud of. I proved to myself that I was capable of doing it, and doing it well, which gave me confidence as I continued on pursuing my degree and as I applied to graduate school.

Favorite Class: My favorite class that I have taken at The University of Alabama is ARH 365 — Northern Renaissance Art taught by Dr. Tanja Jones. The class was incredibly interesting because the works of art that we studied and discussed were put in context with the historical events and people of the time. This added depth and color to the study of art that helped me discover a new passion for the study of art history. My favorite professor at the University is Dr. Lucy Kaufman. I am currently taking her HY 444 — Reformation and Counter-reformation class. She is an incredibly intelligent and charismatic individual who makes history seem more real, relatable, and vivid. I always look forward to going to her class because I know that I will be challenged to think deeper and perhaps differently than I have before.

Future Plans: I plan to attend The University of Alabama for graduate school in the fall.