Jake Johnson, Campbell-Portera Scholarship

Jake JohnsonMajor: Anthropology (concentration in archaeology of the Americas)

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Sylvania, AL

Favorite Experience at UA: In my time at UA so far, I would say my favorite experience has been being a part of the Parker-Adams program. As a freshman, I was a student in the program, and since then have become a peer mentor (we call them fellows) and a chair member of the program, and as simply as I can say this, it has been an amazing opportunity to make friends and to grow a professional network that has set me up for success.

Favorite Class: My favorite class has been ANT 270 – Intro to Biological Anthropology. I took this class with Dr. Christopher Lynn and it was a blast. Dr. Lynn is a great professor and an encouraging mentor. He tells incredible stories and is overall just a fun guy. The class itself is very interesting. Most of the course covers human and primate evolution, which I find fascinating, and there was never a lecture I didn’t want to be at.

Future Plans: I plan to graduate from UA with a BA in Anthropology with a concentration in archaeology of the Americas, and I would love to continue my studies in a master’s or doctoral program. I hope to one day work with museums or in a university setting.