Jason Daniels, Distinguished Scholar

Majors: Bachelor of Arts in history (concentration in legal history) and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (concentration in jurisprudence)


Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite Experience at UA: My greatest success and favorite academic experience on campus was the opportunity to be published within The Crimson Historical Review, UA’s undergraduate historical research journal. Each history major at UA must complete a research project sometime before graduating. During the fall of my junior year, I had the opportunity to complete my project on American industrial workers during the early twentieth century. Part of the reason that this project serves as my favorite academic experience is the invaluable support which my professors and peers provided to me. On more than one occasion, I was informed of crucial flaws within my work which I otherwise might have never seen. After completing the paper, I submitted it for publication in the CHR. I again found invaluable support and constructive insight from the staff of the journal working to help each submission properly function as a piece of historical scholarship. Ultimately, I consider this achievement the shared success of all of my colleagues within the history department who worked to shape and hone my article into its full potential.

Favorite Class: It’s incredibly hard for me to determine what my favorite class at UA is, though if I had to settle on one, I would have to pick HY 352:“ The Right to Privacy” with Dr. Cappello. In our present cultural climate, with the increasing prevalence of technology over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, personal privacy serves as one of the most important, and threatened, resources that each member of society possesses. This course covers of the development of privacy protections within the United States throughout the twentieth century and provides valuable insight regarding areas in which privacy law is likely to grow in the future. During my time in HY 352, I discovered a love for the study of privacy law and became excited about the prospect of going to law school in order to engage in this branch of the legal field in the future. Dr. Cappello’s lectures in this course, like his others, are engaging and informative. I believe that this particular class serves as one of the most important courses students at UA can take due to its relation to personal privacy, one of the most crucial rights that individuals possess and should understand in the era of the internet.

Future Plans: After graduating UA, I will spend a year working for First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa, after which I plan to attend law school and pursue a career related to privacy law.