Mallory Maza, Distinguished Scholar

Majors: Dual degree – Bachelor of Science in biology on the pre-medical track and Bachelor of Arts in political science

Hometown: Metairie, Louisiana

Favorite Experience at UA: My favorite experience was getting involved in co-corricular activities outside of my majors and career field. I met so many amazing people and had the most fulfilling experiences through Environmental Council, which also exposed me to outdoor recreation. Through service projects and weekend trips, I was able to pursue hobbies completely outside of my academic interests, and I met the coolest people from every corner of campus life.

Favorite Class: My favorite course was PSC 466: The Politics of Poverty. This course explored policy areas that I am personally invested in. Because I will be pursuing a Masters in Public Health alongside my MD, I really wanted to learn the specifics about poverty politics and how it relates to human health. The writing project to finish this course will actually be the starting point for my master’s thesis.

Future Plans: I will be attending medical school in the fall (location to be determined) and will be pursuing an MD/MPH degree with a focus in health policy.