Miguel de Jesus Velez Hernandez | Lin Olin Endowed Scholarship

Other Awards: Alpha Phi Sigma inductee

Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice 

Minor: Psychology 

Hometown: Alabaster, Alabama

Greatest Success on Campus: My greatest achievement so far on campus would have to be making the presidents list on my first semester here. I transferred from Jefferson state community college and I would always be told that it’s harder, tougher and that I’m going back to struggle when I get here. Although they weren’t kidding about it being tougher, I strived to get the highest grades possible. To do the absolute best I could and so making it to the presidents list was reassurance in a way, that if I put my mind to it, I could accomplish anything. Starting off strong here was vital because I wanted to accomplish so many things so making that list allowed me to make a very good impression and it’s allowed me to get invited into honor societies. It’s definitely pushing me to strive for more goals. My favorite experience is going to class honestly, not many people have the opportunity that I have, and I don’t take it for granted. I’m pursuing my dream career at my dream school and that’s definitely my favorite.

Favorite Class: My favorite class so far has been psychology 352 with Dr. Parker. More because of Dr. Parker himself. He was so invested and passionate about his work, teachings, and his class. I love that in a professor, to see them love what they do, it makes the class experience better. The class itself would get tougher content wise, it was a lot of information, but Dr. Parker made it extremely easy, he made the whole process better. The class was about development psychology. You learn the development of the mind over the course of life and how it comes to be and what it comes to be. It’s a very interesting class but Dr. Parker is the perfect teacher for it. His attitude and enthusiasm excited me to come to class because I actually learned. He motivated me by making a goal to find a career and love it the way Dr. Parker loves his.

Future Plans: My future plans is after graduation I plan on looking into the police academy and hoping to climb up the ranks. I’m more interested in becoming a detective or a crime scene investigator. I’m also interested in careers in the court and forensics as well.