Natalie Simon | Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar; James (Bo) Robertson Distinguished Undergraduate Award for Highest Academic Performance

Other Awards: Alpha Phi Sigma inductee

Major: Criminology & Criminal Justice 

Minor: Psychology

Favorite Experience: My favorite overall experiences at UA have been those that drew me out of the classroom and into the Tuscaloosa community. Things like Al’s Pals, New View, and serving at Church of the Highlands have allowed me to give back while I receive so much from the wonderful people in Tuscaloosa. They allowed me to do something that matters beyond my short college years and to love on the community that has been my home for the past three years.

Favorite Class: I loved Psychology, Law, and Justice with Dr. Salekin! It opened my eyes to the “human” part of the criminal justice system and connected the two areas I am most passionate about: psychology and criminology. I was ultimately thankful that the class was online due to COVID because it allowed me to go back and re-watch the lectures multiple times since I loved them so much. I still reference them in my other classes because they covered so much valuable material in such an intriguing way!

Future Plans: I will be attending law school in the fall!