Samantha Chatham | Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar; Academic Excellence by a Major in Psychology

Other Awards: Psi Chi Inductee

Major: Psychology 

Minor: Student Designed 

Hometown: Alabaster, Alabama

Favorite experience: My favorite overall experience at UA has to be my time spent as a research assistant in Dr. Katie Garrison’s Emotion Regulation lab. I knew that I wanted to be involved in research during my time at UA, so I was pleased to have the opportunity to do so my entire senior year. I have been a research assistant in Dr. Garrison’s lab for two semesters, and I have helped in conducting studies and analyzing data across several modalities. I also had the opportunity to compile some previously collected data into a research poster to present at an online conference in the Fall of 2021. This was my first time having the opportunity to present research, and I was so excited to share my findings with other students and faculty that shared my interests in social psychology and establishing emotion regulation strategies.

Favorite professor: I had so many incredible professors throughout my time at UA. My favorite would have to be Dr. Colleen Geary, who taught my Introduction to Exercise Physiology course last fall. I loved the course and its content, but she supplied an enthusiasm to the material that I did not expect, and it kept me engaged throughout the entirety of the course. Not only that, but she also taught me that it’s okay to be wrong, because that is where the best learning can happen. As a student who pushes herself to get the highest grades attainable and gain everything that she can from her course work, this was a hard lesson to learn, but one that I am so thankful to Dr. Geary for teaching me.

Future Plans: My plans after graduation are to attend a graduate program to get my master’s degree in sports psychology. I hope to work in the field while earning my degree. My goal is to work with athletes, breaking through the mental barriers that are hindering their physical performances on the stage, field, and court.