Seongjune Han | Dean’s Award of Merit

Seongjune HanOther Awards: Distinguished Undergraduate Scholar

Major: Mathematics 

Minor: Computer Science 

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Favorite Experience: My favorite overall experience was doing research. The University of Alabama is one of the greatest research institutes. When I entered college, I had the opportunity to join a research project in mathematics. Since I want to become a math professor in the future, the availability for the research experience has been the most important factor to me in attending a college. UA has excellent faculties with enthusiasm in research. Thanks to Dr. Kyungyong Lee, I could contribute to two research papers.

Favorite Professor: My favorite professor is Dr. Kyungyong Lee. He is a math professor specialized in Algebra and Combinatorics. I have known him since my freshman year, and we have been doing a research project together. He teaches well in class and always welcomes students who bring questions during his office hours. Whenever I have some conceptual questions on our project, he puts effort in making me understand the concepts. When I do not understand on the first try, he gives more specific reasons or examples to visualize the answer. Simply speaking, he is one of the best professors I have ever met.

Future Plans: I am going to PhD in mathematics on Fall 2022. After earning a PhD, I want to become a math professor. My mathematical research area of interest is Combinatorics and algorithms. My ultimate goal is to develop an algorithm used to speed up the research in Combinatorics and, in general, mathematics. I am looking forward to pursuing the PhD program whatever may come.